New Kitchen for Center Aiding Mentally and Physically Challenged in North Brazil

Providing the Supplies to Make a Difference

Sometimes most of the pieces are in place to change people's lives - but ONE thing is lacking.... This was the case when Cause & Affect arrived at Projeto Afeto in Pipa in northern Brazil. Founded by a wonderful former teacher named Tania, this center provides physically and mentally-challenged kids with a place where they can: 1) Receive medical treatment (mostly from doctors providing free services) 2) Learn and play (most kids would just be locked in their homes) 3) Receive enriching educational support from professionals 4) Get a hot, nutritious meal every day.

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The only part of this puzzle that was lacking was the last one, as the center had recently been moved to a location that offered a lot of outdoor space for the kids but lacked one important feature: a kitchen! So, when Cause & Affect arrived and asked what their needs were, it was a no-brainer! "I can't believe you are here asking me this! We have no means to feed these kids right now and were hoping to somehow raise the money needed to buy a new kitchen."

As the video shows, we jumped into action and just like Oprah and her dream kitchen, we headed to the nearby city and purchased the refrigerator, stove, blender, pots, pans, plates, silverware, etc. needed to cook hot lunch for 40 kids a day. A few days later, when everything had been delivered and installed, our fully-functional new kitchen was in operation. Now, everyday, these kids (all of whom come from very poor families) are receiving a nutritious hot meal everyday at Projecto Afeto. All this for just $1,200!

Why? Simple - because of generous donations from people like you!
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From the wonderful children of Pipa and from C&A, thank you!!

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